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One Flow One Brent has been successful in receiving funding through the MyEnds London Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) programme to support young people in Brent that live on the three largest estates in Brent – Chalkhill, Church End and Stonebridge. This is a unique consortium involving Young Brent Foundation, local young people and three of the country’s largest housing associations - MTVH, Hyde and Peabody.

We know that violence knows no border, and it’s not focused on an entire borough. Instead it tends to be localised in neighbourhoods or even in small pockets of roads. Experience tells us that it’s often local people who know what’s best for improving the area they live and work in.

We are currently talking to the London Violence Reduction Unit in relation to a detailed mobilisation plan (contracts, memorandum of understanding and timelines). Once complete, the consortium which includes young people will be planning and facilitating the first phase , where we hope to listen to and involve all stakeholders and community voices in shaping this three year programme.

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Chris Murray, CEO, Young Brent Foundation:

“We are thrilled and delighted with the funding from the VRU, one thing is certain: Things will not remain the same. The lives of young people in Chalkhill, Church End and Stonebridge will be reshaped as a result of this funding.

As we look to the future the consortium is excited at the power and brilliance that young people will bring to what they want to build; massive opportunities, the ability to solve real problems and a plan to build safer, resilient economic lives with good health.”

Jean Marc, aged 22, from Brent:

“When we found out that we won the bid, I was so excited. I felt like finally we are going to start seeing some real change around here and that the younger generation won't have to struggle the same way I did. Hopefully this funding will provide a safe haven to keep the young people engaged in positive activities. Finally, this funding provides hope, that the young people of Brent have been forgotten but can achieve their personal aspirations”

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