Young Brent Foundation's Approach

Young Brent Foundation works with over 200+ play and youth organisations and delivers focused support and activities that develops capacity, encouraging greater opportunities to connect, collaborate and succeed

Our objectives:

  1. Education – Provide training and sector development through Informal, formal and Non-formal experiential learning opportunities
  2. Environment – Exploration of Brent’s Physical, Social, Cultural and Political environments to enable cross-sector collaboration between members, partners, and supporters
  3. Employment – Development of work-related experiences, placements and apprenticeships to increase long-term investment in the borough’s children and young people.

    Golden Thread that runs through the Young Brent Foundation approach:

    Intercultural dialogue: The open exchange of views between individuals and groups belonging to different cultural groups or communities that enables better communication and understanding of world views.

    Intersectionality: How aspects of one's social and political identities (e.g., gender, ethnicity, social status, sexuality, disability, etc.) overlap to create unique modes of discrimination.

    Complex Trauma: How multiple traumatic events or lived experiences are presented amongst children, young people and or their families i.e. Mental Health

    YBF in numbers

    200 +
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    Funding awarded to Brent Youth Sector

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    As a part of the role, you will participate in training related to social action, emotional and social skills, project management and get support to achieve an ILM Level 2 Youth Leadership Qualification, with mentorship from UpReach in the Community CIC.

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