Become a member

Membership Eligibility Criteria

To become a YBF member, organisations will need to demonstrate that they can meet certain eligibility criteria, which will form your membership agreement. Once you have expressed interest (via the YBF website or other means) in becoming a member, you will be contacted to discuss membership. If membership is approved, you will be required to sign your membership agreement and create your online YBF member account/profile.

There are 10 key eligibility criteria divided into 2 parts:

Part 1: Universal Criteria:

  • Currently operating and offering provision of services targeted at children and young people in Brent
  • Social Purpose
  • Local Rootedness
  • Commitment to consortium working
  • Commitment to sharing expertise
  • Commitment to membership network meetings – attendance at a minimum of 7 meetings per year.
  • Commitment to organisational development by attendance at training events/sessions hosted by YBF

Part 2: Due Diligence Criteria:

  • Financial health
  • Commitment to making YBF aware of any external funds you receive
  • Quality systems to include suitable organisational policies (to include safeguarding and child protection policy, health and safety policy)
  • Suitable management/governance
  • Technical capacity – the ability for the delivery of your projects/programmes to take place anywhere in the borough of Brent.

Termination of membership agreement:

The universal criteria allow you, as a member, to receive the full benefits of membership and we encourage you to be an active member. Your membership agreement will be terminated if after 6 months you have been inactive, based on the universal criteria.

When will the new eligibility criteria come into effect?

The eligibility criteria will come into effect from 1st January 2022.

Members pre-June 2021 will be reviewed based on this new eligibility criteria. It will be at YBFs discretion which members will receive automatic membership renewal, following review.

Organisations who express interest and become YBF members during the period June 2021-Jan 2022 are excluded from review and reapplying for membership.