Young Brent Foundation's aim is to create an evidence based, needs led community partnership model that unites a diverse voluntary youth sector, and creates a strong united voice, equipping members with the training, resources and financial support they need to increase overall capacity and develop a more sustainable future to benefit young people. As enablers and facilitators, we work alongside members and deliver a wide range of capacity building focused activities.

Meet the team

  • Chris Murray
    Chris Murray

  • Maxine Willetts
    Maxine Willetts

  • Ayodeji Adeoshun
    Ayodeji Adeoshun
    Strategic Director One Flow One Brent

  • Nikita Joshi
    Nikita Joshi
    Digital Communications Officer

  • Jemima Morris
    Jemima Morris
    Fun Fit Families & Brent Goes Wild Project Manager

  • Errol Donald
    Errol Donald
    Valuing Life Project Manager
  • Nequela Whittaker
    Nequela Whittaker
    Global Thinking Project Manager

  • Sapna Patel
    Sapna Patel
    Trustee Support Officer

  • Michael Appouh
    Michael Appouh
    Youth Engagement Lead

  • LadiI Ajayi
    LadiI Ajayi
    Our Content Project Manager

With thanks to Don Jordan at Powerful Photography, London's Premier B&W Portrait & Headshot Photographer.

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