Developed in response to the ongoing challenges facing the Children and Young People's sector, Young People's Foundations bring together the public, private and voluntary sectors to effect positive change for young people.

Young Brent Foundation works with over 200+ play and youth organisations and delivers focused support and activities that develops capacity, encouraging greater opportunities to connect, collaborate and succeed.

Our aim is to create an evidence based, needs led community partnership model that unites a diverse voluntary youth sector, and creates a strong united voice, equipping members with the training, resources and financial support they need to increase overall capacity and develop a more sustainable future to benefit young people. As enablers and facilitators, we work alongside members and deliver a wide range of capacity building focused activities.


To ensure that all children and young people feel safe, listened to, and able to thrive in their communities we co-produce and design with young people and members to deliver high-quality and sustainable play and youth provision.

  • Education

    Provide training and sector development through informal and formal experiential learning opportunities.

  • Enviroment

    Exploration of Brent’s physical, social and political environments to enable cross-sector collaboration between members, partners, and supporters.

  • Employment

    Development of work-related experiences, placements and apprenticeships to increase long-term investment in the borough’s children and young people.


Intercultural dialogue: The open exchange of views between individuals and groups belonging to different cultural groups or communities that enables better communication and understanding of world views.

Intersectionality: How aspects of one's social and political identities (e.g., gender, ethnicity, social status, sexuality, disability, etc.) overlap to create unique modes of discrimination.

Complex Trauma: How multiple traumatic events or lived experiences are presented amongst children, young people and or their families i.e. Mental Health


We are proud members of the YPF Network

Young People’s Foundations bring together the public, private and voluntary sectors to effect positive change for young people. Together we share a common goal – to create and champion a more impactful, co-ordinated and sustainable sector to ensure all children and young people have access to quality support and opportunities. Based in our local communities, each YPF’s services are based on the needs and assets of our area.

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Following the Cultural Competency work facilitated by the Staff College for the Young People’s Foundation and the CEO book club series, it was agreed by CEOs to develop a pledge for all YPFs to sign up to.

“Cultural Competence ensures that practice in the delivery of services to diverse communities meets their needs, recognises the differences in culture that exist and ensures that services are appropriately available and delivered successfully by skilled practitioners, thereby reducing inequalities that may affect particular groups of society."

Cultural Competency Pledge

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