Valuing Life Project


Valuing Life is a creative early intervention programme, encouraging reflection, intergenerational and intercultural dialogue. Delivered to schools, parents and the wider community, Valuing Life brings delivery partners together to raise young people’s aspirations, ambition and agency, moving them away from negative choices, towards positive ones that will shape their lives, families and the communities around them.

Programme aims:

  • To prevent children and young people aged 8-13 from involvement in activities related to negative peer groups and/or violent criminal behaviours
  • To engage young people aged 14-17 who are known to be in the early stages of gang related activities, or on the cusp of criminal behaviours, to direct them towards positive pathways.

Bringing people together in group settings, Valuing Life will use creative practice as a safe and enjoyable way to explore important themes, while potentially navigating challenging subjects, thoughts, and feelings. Proposed creative mediums will include: Painting, Photography, Filmmaking, Poetry, Creative writing and Creative Thinking. With the support and encouragement of skilled creative practitioners, children and adults are invited to explore the possibilities for intergenerational healing across present and future generations.

Click here to read the executive summary of the Valuing Life Year 2 report

Wembley Football - Summer Kickz

The Young Brent Foundation Summer Kickz programme is a multi-faceted offer for children and young people in Brent. Summer Kickz is delivered by Wembley Football, who use the power of football to engage local children and families to address issues affecting youngsters such as living healthier and more active lifestyles, jobs and employment and mental health. The programme is open to all children from Brent regardless of ability.

Summer Kickz open sessions provide children between the ages of 9-13 with a fun, safe and secure environment to play football as well as developing a range of 'soft skills', including teamwork, active decision making and communication and foster positive relationships by engaging and making friends with people they may not normally meet.

The programme culminates in the Young Brent Foundation Wembley Football Championships, featuring Brent football teams aged 14-16 years old.

Clube dos Brasileirinhos

The Clube dos Brasileirinhos Supplementary School offers classes in Brazilian Portuguese as a heritage language for children in a fun environment.

The Valuing Life Parenting Project consists of support group sessions where parents are invited to have open conversations about many topics that are relevant to their day to day lives such as: improved communication, self-confidence, self-stem, unemployment, careers advice, street violence, alcohol abuse, mental health issues, family support, fitness, relationships, LGBTQI+, racism, bullying, discrimination, social media safety, finance management, volunteering, apprenticeships and much more.

The main objective is for the parents of young people to have a safe and welcoming place where they can share their personal experiences, fears, doubts and seek for support without any form of judgment and prejudice. All are welcome and the moderators and facilitator will ensure that it is a safe place to all.

Sessions are delivered in English and Portuguese to ensure that all participants can engage, and are supported by professionals who bring their knowledge, experience, and expertise.

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For more information about Valuing Life, please contact Errol Donald.