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FunFit Families is a Sport England funded project to get Brent families doing more physical activity together.Young Brent Foundation are working with a range of member organisations in Brent to get young people, children and their parents, grandparents and carers more active and enjoying exercise. FunFit Families is all about giving families in Brent ideas and opportunities to be active. Being creative with sports and activities is a great fun way to spend time together whilst getting fitter and healthier. Each YBF members runs 12 week programmes across the year for groups of families. Equipment is provided and rewards along the way to help motivate families to meet their activity goals throughout the week.

The programme aims to help families fit 30 minutes of physical activity into their busy schedules each day and make it part of their everyday routine. Achieving this kind of routine can help towards reducing stress and anxiety, improve self-confidence, help maintain a healthy weight and improve concentration levels at school. The project has demonstrated to date that getting more active together as a family can also help to improve family relationships and bonding.

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FunFit Families Digital Booklet

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Impact statements

"Abduliziz is an energetic member of Fun Fit Families. He has learnt to skip with the help of his family. The Ahmed family have thoroughly enjoyed spending this time together. Aisha Ahmed (Mother) has become a volunteer and enjoys working with other families."

"My daughter Evelina lacked confidence, trust and had difficulties making friends. Physical activities helped her lose some weight and gain self-confidence. As a result, she has become calmer and more approachable. Our relationship improved so much that we were able to have a conversation without shouting."

"My son Rafal did not like to do any physical activities and was reluctant to join the Fun Fit Families programme. After attending a few sessions his attitude and behaviour started to change and he became interested in the activities. He made new friends and has became a self-confident boy, liking fun games and team activities."

"I have been diagnosed with diabetes and was advised to do more exercise. When we went into lock down I was concerned for myself and my family about keeping active and healthy. Fun Fit Families keeps my family happy and active. Despite the lock down we are still doing our activities, following the exercises online and also doing some dancing at home with my girls and going daily for a walk."


Keep Going!

If you would like to take your physical activity and sport journey further then please contact the following organisations who should have a suitable session for you to join.

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09 April 2018

Funding awarded

Sports England confirms 3 year funding

12 September 2018

15 YBF Member organisations confirmed as delivery partners

Organisations with experience in working with families using fun sports activities

24 September 2018

Year 1 delivery commences

Due diligence process complete

23 September 2019

Year 1 key highlights

  • 132 families/316 individual participants recruited onto the programme
  • Monitoring reports indicate high level of engagement in areas of deprivation
  • Families report improvement in relationships through taking part in family based fun activities
  • Wide range of venues; primary schools, secondary schools, community centres, youth clubs and a library.
23 September 2019

Year 2 delivery commences

Buidling on success from year 1

20 August 2020

Year 2 key highlights

Year 2 key highlights
  • Families taking part report improvements in health & wellbeing
  • Training programme developed for members to increase skills and qualifications in sport & physical activity
  • Innovative response to COVID-19 in the development of "Fun fit Families Lighter programme". Providing organisations with funding to engage families to remain active during restrictions through virtual activity sessions.

For more details about FunFit Families or to get involved contact Jemima Morris.

Families Fund Evaluation - Interim report

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