Let's cook project week

Posted on: 13/04/2022 in: Youth Blog , News
Let’s Cook with Young Brent Foundation was a cooking competition that lasted 5 days during the Easter Holidays - created and organised by our Creative Coordinator Tayla Murray

"Let’s Cook with Young Brent Foundation is a cooking competition that enables young people to be educated and thrive in a new environment that they weren’t aware of.

The young people from Capital City Academy, were taught to cook from scratch, two meals from different cultural communities, before cooking a variety of dishes relating to those cultures – and on day 5, compete against one another with their chosen dish.

With the project being a week-long programme and lasting over 4 hours per day – it was important for the young people to stay engaged, enthused and excited about the day.

I believe Chef Kris (Parker) from Babajani in Ladbroke Grove, who taught the young people, did just that! Chef Kris didn’t just teach the young people about two cultures but he interacted, engaged, listened, communicated and laughed with them as much as they did in return to him.

This cooking event opened the minds of both the young people and adults. The young people were able to come into the room and feel safe and not judged of what they were creating, and the adults who helped volunteer got to see the creativity and artistic skills young people have in the kitchen."

Tayla Murray