Trainee Creative Coordinator Application Process

Posted on: 05/08/2021 in Youth Blog
Application process of becoming a Trainee Creative Coordinator at YBF by Tayla Murray

As a Trainee Creative Coordinator with YBF, the role is all about shaping and creating opportunities for groups of young people in Brent - I am part of a team where we learn about project management processes to create and produce projects for young people of the borough.

 I enjoy meeting the rest of the YBF staff and getting to understand what exactly they do and the physical impacts they are making in the borough. Also, I have discovered that I love sharing my project ideas with my team and getting their feedback – as I get to flaunt them with my presentation skills!

The overall process to get to where I am wasn’t overly challenging and it didn’t make me feel uneasy or tense at any moment. Once I was informed about the role and the potential impact it would have in Brent I was instantly interested.

As this is my first job I didn’t know what was needed to continue with the application – though the website was super clear on my next instructions on what to do. So I sent a message to the email provided stating why I am interested and added my CV (as I knew from research that would be important to add a long side). After I emailed, it was just in the process of waiting… once I received a response I was very excited to see that I have been asked for an interview. When I turned up for my interview I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect, however the interviewer made it explicitly clear as to how the interview would pan out and whether I had any questions to start off.

Tayla Murray