London Funders - After the storm report

Posted on: 09/12/2020 in Resources

In response to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, members of the London Funders network provided much-needed support to organisations and communities across London.

As the peak of the crisis has passed and with expectations of a mass vaccination programme in 2021, but also a continued recession, funders have started looking to the future and how best to support the renewal of London’s civil society. London Funders commissioned this research as part of its work to understand what plans funders are putting in place, what challenges and opportunities they anticipate and how they are responding to them.

The report is based on findings from a survey run by London Funders and from
a series of interviews with members of the network exploring their current and
future strategies. It identifies three areas that funders are focusing on: The need
to plan in a flexible way; changing ways of working; and supporting capacity. It also identifies three key challenges: The expectation of a second wave of demand as unemployment rises and recession takes hold; navigating the sector and identifying gaps, overlaps and commonalities; and the financial precariousness of the sector and what that means for maintaining social infrastructure.

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