Sport at the Heart

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About Organisation

Through the delivery of high quality, engaging and affordable sports, physical activity, creative arts and play, we aim to encourage increased physical activity amongst children, young people and whole families, and create opportunities in neighbourhoods where that otherwise might not be available. We focus on those that are underrepresented in the mainstream or those that may not be able to access sports, physical activity and play provision due to the economic or societal structures that exclude many people. We stay responsive as we work within our community to identify, and then address current needs by implementing programmes at a grass roots level which directly benefit our participants, as well as support local and national strategies. Our projects are authentic, vibrant and varied. Through our delivery we are able to: Bring people from a variety of different backgrounds together through shared activities, encouraging stronger, more connected and resilient communities. Improve the physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of those participating. Create opportunities for volunteering, training and employment through the delivery of new activities and projects

Sport at the Heart
49 Longstone Ave
London, NW10 3UN

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