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About Organisation

The Global Skills Centre (GSC) is an educational registered charity offering non-accredited and accredited courses to all sections of the community, in particular young people and adults. GSC is a vital resource for our local community to build their skills, gain support and improve their confidence. Our activities and delivery approach are designed to include a range of learning techniques (visual, physical, aural, verbal, logical, social and solitary), ensuring people of varying abilities can participate and engage in our learning programmes. To achieve our aims, we deliver a number of activities, including:

1) STEM PROGRAMME: Robotics, coding, mobile phone apps design and software programming for aged 7-16 during term time Fridays, Saturdays and school breaks (Monday-Friday);
2) SUPPLEMENTARY: Provision of supplementary and after-school tuition in Maths, English (KS2, KS3 & KS4) for aged 7-16 during term-time (Monday-Thursday);
3) VOCATIONAL TRAINING: Includes ICT (digital inclusion), ESOL classes embedded with employability skills for aged 18+;
4) E-LEARNING: e-Learning (UK-Online) programme for people with no basic digital skills for aged 18+;
5) ADVICE: Information Advice & Guidance sessions (users/clients received one-to-one career advice).

We encourage local residents and learners who participate in learning with us, and who are willing and able, to contribute by passing on their skills to the community in their spare time and on a voluntary basis. This benefits not only the community but also the volunteer who, in addition to helping friends and neighbours, gets valuable work experience that adds real value to their CV which in turn, improves their chances of finding employment.

Global Skills Centre
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