Youth Work Week - Message from our CEO

Posted on: 02/11/2021 in News , Event Recordings , What's on

“At YBF it’s not just what we do - it’s the way that we do it. That’s what gets results.

Those familiar with Ella Fitzgerald will know these words… it’s what gets results, and youth work week is a reminder of what we do in this industry - with and for young people.

The last 18 months or so I’m sure I’ve not been the only one who has been questioning myself about what it is that really matters, and what works? What is it particularly that has allowed Young Brent Foundation, to maintain its laser focus on progress and ambition, allied to intent.

Working for a charity, I am able to share this space with some super talented professionals supporting the social and political education of young people. Throughout the pandemic, the sector stepped up to support some of the most vulnerable groups in society. They never flinched.

From wider discussions in 2019 to reframe the work of YBF, through the lens of Education, Environment and Employment; the last 18 months have never been more profound. The golden thread of our mandate for young people in Brent remains centred around Intercultural dialogue of the 149 different languages spoken in Brent, intersectionality through the lens of women and the various complex traumatic experiences affecting families.

Words are great, but what about intent and meaning? For me, both are critical. At YBF, our work in support of the sector requires us to adopt a meaningful and intentional approach to our work. The MY ENDS funded programme for example, over the next 3 years will demonstrate our intent to support children and young people across Chalkhill, Stonebridge and Church End estates.

Since 2019 and throughout 2020, we are proud to have distributed £2.5m to our members, working to support the health and wellbeing of young people.

A massive thank you to my team, our membership and the sector who continuously work hard to support the next generation.”

Chris Murray