A principal aim of Young Brent Foundation is to unite a diverse voluntary youth sector, create a strong united voice, and equip our members with the training, resources and financial support they need to increase overall capacity and develop a more sustainable future to benefit young people.

Young Brent Foundation operates a small grants programme and provides information on funding rounds available through a range of funders.

Grants support members from not-for-profit (NFP) community organisations to deliver activities and services, that meet the needs of the children and young people of Brent.


Education, Employment and Environment are YBF's key priority activities in 2020-2021, and throughout all Small Grants Funding. In assessing applications, we will consider how well each proposal matches YBF's priorities themes and the requirements, set against each funding opportunity.

Essential Requirements All Grant Applicants

YBF Small Grants are open to any YBF Member.
Membership of YBF is open to a wide range of people and organisations who provide support activities to children, young people and their families in Brent and is FREE to join.

Geographical Area of Benefit.
Projects must benefit children and young people living or educated in Brent. Grants are open to Brent focused local youth service organisations which deliver (or have the potential to deliver) measurable impact in the local communities for children and young people.

How to apply

Step 1. The first step to making an application is to ensure you are a YBF Member. If you are not a YBF member, please sign-up here to become a member. This is free, simple and straightforward.

Step 2. Please read the guidance notes and make sure you are eligible to apply.

Step 3. Select the Small Grant that best fits, your organisation, the work you do and project you will deliver to meet the aims of the Grant and download the relevant application form.

Are you eligible?

Your organisation is a service that provides activities for children and young people in Brent AND
You’re a registered member of Young Brent Foundation.

Your organisation has a bank account (registered in the name of the applicant organisation) into which a grant can be paid.
You’re able to provide a current Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy in support of your application.

You Can Confirm

Your application will not be used to fund unsafe activities.
Your application will not be used for any political activities.
Your application will not be used to fund trips abroad.

Please ensure that you read the guidance and meet the detailed requirements for each Grant Application submitted.

Out of School Settings

Young Brent Foundation values the important role out of school settings (OOSS) providers play in providing high quality, culturally supportive and holistic approaches to improving educational standards for young people in Brent. We acknowledge your commitment and hard work towards building the cultural identity and self-esteem of Brent’s young people who are drawn from many diverse ethnic communities.

The Young Brent Foundation’s OOSS Fund (OOSSF) is a three-year Fund. Year 1 began in March 2020. Further announcements for the next two years funding rounds will be made in 2021 and 2022.

The fund is accessible to all Brent OOSS to make applications for a small grant of up to a maximum of £3,500 per organisation in any calendar year.

This new funding is designed to support OOSS provders in Brent with capacity building, governance, and management of delivering engaging, fun and accessible learning, whilst building intercultural capacity and ensuring the safeguarding of children and young people. Young Brent Foundation will be looking to support applications that include the three key themes:

Environment: Environment is used in its fullest sense and explores young people living in their environment and how their environments effects, their growth and development as a person. How does the natural environment enhance young people’s learning, or does it hinder it? Do young people feel safe in their environment, not just their psychical one but more widely? Applicants can explore an opportunity to look at running projects in the socio-political climate or the context of the internal environment of body and mind.

Education: How does your project enhance, support, challenge or inform young people’s education? How will their education assist them in contributing to their community and broader society? How is your project supporting their development and shaping their broader aspirations? For example, are they considering University or a Level 4 Apprenticeships?

Employment: How will your project enhance, support, challenge or inform young people’s attitude towards employment? In what ways will it change their ability to access and or understand potential employment opportunities in the long or short term? How will they identify and access the jobs of the future? How aware are they of artificial intelligence (AI) and new technologies and their potential role in employment?

Please see above for all other eligible requirements applying to all YBF Grants for 2020 and beyond.

Deadline Closed (Next deadline January 2021)