Global Thinking Project


Young Brent Foundation (YBF), PLIAS Resettlement, Start Easy and Brent Council have formed a partnership to create a young women's diversionary project which we have named Global Thinking. In line with the United Nation's agenda to make gender equality a reality by 2030 Global Thinking will take action against gender based violence by:

1. Protecting the victim/survivors

2. Prevention of gender-based violence

3. Building a human rights culture

4. Gender in youth work and youth organisations

5. Developing initiatives and strategies addressing gender -based violence

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Global Thinking group work flyer

22 June 2020

Funding Awarded


31 August 2020

Key staff identified from projects

  • Sandra Absolam- PILAS
  • Sami Jegede- Horizon Community Care
16 September 2020

Training for 18 professionals

18 professionals completed the a three-day training course, with all participants saying it was a great experience and left knowing something new about themselves and others.

Created a new network of people from this amazing training.

14 October 2020

Gender Matters Training

Gender Matters Training

Three-day Gender Matters Training from 14th October-16th October. 100% success with all 13 people who started also completed the training.

For more information about the Global Thinking Project, please contact Nequela Whittaker, Project Manager.