Global Thinking - Young Women's Diversionary Project

Young Brent Foundation (YBF), PLIAS Resettlement, BANG Edutainment, Start Easy and GRIT have formed a partnership to create a young women's diversionary project which we have named Global Thinking. In line with the United Nation's agenda to make gender equality a reality by 2030 Global Thinking will take action against gender based violence by:

1. Protecting the victim/survivors

2. Prevention of gender-based violence

3. Building a human rights culture

4. Gender in youth work and youth organisations

5. Developing initiatives and strategies addressing gender -based violence

Intervention Work ( aged 10-25 years old)

Group work


Residential programme

Training on Gender identity and Human Rights

Training for professionals


Young People

22 June 2020

Funding Awarded


31 August 2020

Key staff identified from projects

  • Sandra Absolam- PILAS
  • Sami Jegede- Horizon Community Care
16 September 2020

Training for 18 professionals

18 professionals completed the a three-day training course, with all participants saying it was a great experience and left knowing something new about themselves and others.

Created a new network of people from this amazing training.

14 October 2020

Gender Matters Training

Gender Matters Training

Three-day Gender Matters Training from 14th October-16th October. 100% success with all 13 people who started also completed the training.

For more information about the Global Thinking Project, please contact Nequela Whittaker, Project Manager.


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