No Min - £50,000
12 Nov 2021
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The Sport Unites Fund

The Sport Unites Fund is for projects that use sport and physical activity to address one or more of the priorities. Grants of up to £50,000 are available for community sport projects taking place between summer 2021 and June 2022 across two grant streams: New Ideas and Tried & Tested.

Who can apply: Tried and tested are only available to constituted groups.
New Ideas grants are available to individuals or informal (not constituted) groups, as well as constituted organisations.

Themes/aims of the fund: This programme has five priority areas:

· Helping the most inactive people be more active

· Improving people’s mental health and wellbeing

· Decreasing isolation/loneliness

· Strengthening connections in your local area and across communities

· Reducing serious youth violence

How much funding per project: Tried and tested: £10,000-£50,000
New ideas: up to £10,000

Closing date: Expects to stay open to applications until at least Friday 12 November 2021

Area it covers: Greater London

Additional advice from us: Be aware that the minimum project delivery period is 6 weeks and maximum project delivery period is 6 months.

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