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Return to Play - Community Asset Fund

The Return to Play: Community Asset Fund is for new applications focused solely on helping support clubs and community groups through the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic to return to play.

It's designed to provide capital funding, predominantly from the National Lottery, to help local sports clubs and organisations to adapt and open important places and spaces so people within their community can return to play and physical activity, safely. The focus is on responding to the immediate challenges of sports and physical activity returning to play.

There are some important changes to how this funding will operate, compared to how our pre-coronavirus Community Asset Fund operated. These are:

  • Your project must be about addressing the challenges you're now facing because of coronavirus and linked to enabling people to return to play. Currently, we’ll not be funding general capital works such as improvements to clubhouses, courts, nets etc.
  • The minimum level of funding available is £10,001 - for anything less than this, please see our Return to Play: Small Grants fund.
  • The maximum level of funding available is £50,000 - this is to ensure we can fund more clubs and groups.

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£10,000 - £50,000
no deadline
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