£1,000 - £5,000
18 May 2022


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Out of School Setting Fund (OOSS)

Young Brent Foundation values the important role out of school settings (OOSS) play in providing high quality, culturally supportive and holistic approaches to improving educational standards for young people in Brent. We acknowledge your commitment and hard work towards building the cultural identity and self-esteem of Brent’s young people who are drawn from many diverse ethnic communities.

This funding is designed to support OOSS in Brent with capacity building, governance and management and the delivery of engaging, fun and accessible learning whilst building intercultural capacity and ensuring the safeguarding of children and young people.

The Young Brent Foundation OOSS Fund (OOSSF) will be available for three years.

The fund is accessible to all Brent OOSS to make applications for a small grant of up to a maximum of £5,000.

Young Brent Foundation will be looking to support applications that include the three key themes:

Environment: How does the natural environment enhance young people’s learning or hinder it. Do young people feel safe in their environment? This is not just about the physical environment though. This is an opportunity to look at running projects in the socio-political environment or the internal environment of body and mind.

Education: How does your project enhance/support/challenge/ inform young people’s education? Have they considered how their education can assist them to contribute to society? Re they considering University or Level 4 Apprenticeships?

Employment: How does your project enhance/support/challenge/inform young pope’s attitude towards or ability to access or understanding of potential employment opportunities? What are the jobs of the future? How aware are young people of AI and technology?

To apply, please complete the application form attached (at the top left-hand side). The deadline to apply is on 18th May 2021.