No Min - £5,000
18 May 2021


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Culture & Heritage Fund

This culturally enriched funding scheme will focus on celebrating Brent’s achievement as the London Borough of 'Youth' Cultures in 2020 by promoting culturally enriched Programmes, that celebrates the achievements of children and young people in the borough throughout 2021.

This is a youth lead grant, which means young people would need to be involved in the design and delivery of the project and write the application. The grant will enable children and young people from across Brent to share and celebrate their commitment to their cultural enrichment activities and opportunities whilst learning and developing an understanding of community cohesion.

The fund is accessible to all members for a maximum of £5,000 per opportunity.

Geographical Area of Benefit: Projects must benefit children and young people living or educated in Brent. Grants are open to Brent focused local youth service organisations which can deliver (or have the potential to deliver) and measure the impact of their delivery.

Co-design: Grants must be co-design, planned and written with young people. Successful applicant will need to evidence young people’s involvement in all aspect of the process.

Are you eligible?

1. Your organisation must be a service that provides activities for children and young people.

2. Your organisation must be able to demonstrate its track record locally.

3. You must be a member of Young Brent Foundation.

4. Your organisation has a bank account (registered in the name of the applicant organisation) into which a grant can be paid.

5. Grants cannot be for unsafe activities.

6. Grants cannot be for political activities.

7. Grants cannot be for trips abroad.

8. You must be able to provide a current Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy in support of your application

This fund is specifically targeting groups in Brent for Brent children and young ONLY. Priority will be made for groups that are full YPF member (over 12 months) and have income of less than £250,000.

Criteria for Small Grants

· Each project should demonstrate how it is responding to a local need, especially needs which have emerged or escalated as a result of the pandemic.

· One-year grants.

· New or existing projects.

· Projects must adhere to NYA Covid-19 guidance and confirm in writing they will deliver to within the framework at any given time.

To apply, please complete the application form attached (at the top left-hand side). The deadline to apply is on 18th May 2021.