Mental Health and Wellbeing Report

Posted on: 01/12/2021 in: News , Resources

During the pandemic, some disadvantaged young people, and children, such
as children in care or those who are economically disadvantaged have reported poorer mental health and wellbeing including anxiety and loneliness. There is also evidence which suggests that children and young people from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds have experienced a higher rate of mental health and wellbeing concerns.

This report, Understanding the Issues/Challenges on Mental Health of Communities During
the Pandemic presents a high-level summary of recent projects in Brent which describe the experience of children and young people and practitioners. Organisations who found themselves like the rest of us stretching capabilities and resources to adapt projects to meet the requirements of social distancing, in some cases testing completely new ways of working.

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A deep gratitude for the skills, knowledge, and dedication to young people from youth practitioners at:

Unique Community, Sport at the Heart, Jason Roberts Foundation, Creative Genies, My Romania community, Resources for Autism, Brent Centre for Young People, Community Barnet, Iraqi Welfare Association, Ansar Youth, Active Sporting Communities.

Without their involvement in this work YBF and the wider network would be much less informed and less able to raise the needs of young people to those with financial and decision-making powers to make change happen.