Detached & Outreach Project


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 all youth provision paused or moved remotely. Young Brent Foundation along with youth organisations identified that a number of concerns for children and young people were emerging. The need for a detached and outreach team was paramount in understanding the impact that COVID-19 has had on children and young people aged 11-25 living in Brent.

Young People Engaged
Aged 16-18
Reported that the support they most needed was a food voucher

Young Brent Foundation in conjunction with Ansar Youth Club, Connect Star's, My Romania Community and Stephen Graham Projects delivered a Staying Safe in the Community pilot. This initial pilot had two functions:

1. To see how young people in the borough were coping with the lockdown and adhering to government guidelines.

2. To provide reassurance, advice and guidance as well as sign-post to local services.

Further conversations with Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing around the concerns of young people, led to a consulation exercise on the Chalk Hill Estate.

This resulted in the development of a Youth Voice consultation with the aim to explore with young people (co-design) a deep and diverse range of activities and opportunities for personal growth. Young People were recruited from The Agency at Kiln Theatre which supports young entrepreneurs between 15-25 years old to develop ideas for social change in their area.

Young people were trained in the following to deliver consultations:

  • Delivering a successful consultation
  • Note taking
  • Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety

For more information about the detached and outreach work please contact Chris Murray, CEO Young Brent Foundation