A series of 4 podcasts discussing the impact of Covid-19 on communities, families and friendships.

Young Brent Foundation (YBF) has developed a bespoke ‘conversation’ for young people, families and professionals via a podcast on the daily lives and shared experience of living through COVID-19 and its impact on communities, families and friendship groups.

The podcasts will reach out to the BAME communities in and across Brent. This series aims to reach out and hold conversations with groups of young people and Voluntary Sector organisations to create an audio documentary about COVID-19 in Brent.

The Brent Talks podcast is supported by the London Borough of Brent, My Romania Community, and Mindspray creative team. Each has a track record of working with young people and families.


Errol Donald is the founder of Mindspray, a community-led creative wellbeing platform.

With a background in the arts, cultural heritage and therapeutic wellbeing, Errol works creatively across a range of subjects, bringing to life stories that lie hidden within the heart of the community.

Errol will be hosting and leading discussions with our Podcast guests on issues of mental health, education, youth & community and employment.

Martina Jean Jacques

Martina Jean-Jacques

Mental Health

Martina is a practising psychotherapist trained in both Psychodynamic Counselling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
Martina works in Brent with the NHS and also with Ruby Wax as a facilitator with the Frazzled Café, inspired by Ruby as a place to share personal stories in a safe and non-judgement environment.
Martina will be sharing her knowledge and tips on how to manage our lives better in times of uncertainty.

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Danny coyle

Danny Coyle


Danny is Head Teacher at Newman Catholic College, Harlesden.
He has established an inclusive school ethos based on the highest of expectations and in an environment of love, respect, good humour and positive community relations.
Danny will be sharing his knowledge and tips in getting the most out of education during these uncertain times.

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Ayodeji adeoshun

Ayodeji Adeoshun

Youth and Community

Ayodeji works with Young Brent Foundation supporting member organisation through a tailored approach to increase collaboration in Brent’s youth sector.
Ayodeji has led on major projects in London addressing police and community relations, youth employment for young black men and race awareness programmes.
Ayodeji will be sharing his knowledge on supporting young people through uncertain times.

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Nana Agyeman

Nana Agyeman


Nana has a wealth of experience in the welfare to work industry. As founder and director of Access UK, he provides credible solutions to counter youth offending, gang involvement and high BAME unemployment.
At a time of significant unemployment, Nana will be sharing his experience and tips on manoeuvring through the employment landscape in 2020.

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